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Body Weight Exercise

Weight LESS Workout Challenge

Weight LESS Workout Challenge

Weight LESS Workout Challenge,Workout with no weights! This challenging body weight workout was created to burn fat, firmness, and define, while concurrently increasing balance and power. From beginners to advanced fitness fanatics, body weight exercises are a great way to accomplish your workout goals. So, deposit the dumbbells and let the body be the weight!

Weight LESS Workout Challenge

Weight LESS Workout Challenge

Equipment Needed: yoga exercise mat or a soft surface for floor exercises; seat or smooth bench; period timer.

How to proceed: Perform each move for 20 secs; rest 10 secs after every move; perform this regular 3 times every week for best results. Review each video below for a demo of right form

Newbie Level: complete 1 circuit
Intermediate Level: complete 2 circuits
HIGHER LEVEL: complete 4 circuits


1. Jumping Jacks
2. Stationary Lunge right leg
3. Stationary Lunge Remaining Leg
4. High Knees
5. Tricep Dips
6. Squats
7. Bicycle Crunches
8. Plank

Jumping Jacks

Stationary Lunges

High Knees

Tricep Dips


Bicycle Crunches


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