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Summer Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge

Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge

Summer Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge,The Summer FAT REDUCING Boot Camp Problem is a 24 minute high-intensity, fat-burning workout. This problem is for anybody that has a desire to lose excess weight, surplus fat and inches.

Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge

Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge

This TRAINING is the kind of intensive training that was created to get rid of fat by alternating between high intensity and low intensity exercise. For instance, run at a higher strength for 30 mere seconds, rest for 15 secs, then do it again the series for a given number of that time period or minutes. Brief intervals of high strength exercise accompanied by intervals of rest, burn up more calories and consequently more fat than keeping a reliable pace.

Equipment Needed: Period Timer (free applications available in your application store)

How to proceed: Perform all 8 exercises at 100%-strength for 30 mere seconds each; rest for 15 secs before moving onto another exercise. Remember to have a sip of drinking water and capture your breathing during rest intervals. Complete the circuit 4 times for a 24-minute high-intensity workout. Watch the videos below before you begin your workout.

Complete Summer FAT REDUCING Boot Camp 3 day weekly, on non-consecutive times. The challenge continues for thirty days, or much longer if you select.

To accomplish optimal results, add a clean-eating plan.

The Summer FAT REDUCING Boot Camp Problem Exercises:

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Plyometric Lunges
3. Burpee
4. Alternate Part Lunge
5. Squat Jacks
6. Push-ups
7. Skater
8. Plank Jacks

Instructional Videos

Jumping Jacks

Plyometric Lunges


Alternate Aspect Lunge

Squat Jacks



Plank Jacks

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