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Beginner Workout

CHEST MUSCLES Toning Workout

CHEST MUSCLES Toning Workout

CHEST MUSCLES Toning Workout & CircuitTRAINING for Beginners,Create a solid, sexy chest muscles with this exercise routine. By working the bigger muscles in your chest muscles, you’ll be revealing toned arms very quickly!

CHEST MUSCLES Toning Workout

CHEST MUSCLES Toning Workout

Equipment Needed: 2-4 units of dumbbells of varying weights; yoga exercise type mat; water

What To Do BECAUSE OF THIS Workout: Watch all video demonstrations before you begin your chest muscles workout. Perform 15 reps of every exercise and jump in to the next exercise instantly. Rest 30 mere seconds between sets. Raise the amount of excess weight you utilize with each circuit. For advanced exercisers, go back to the lighter dumbbells for the 4th circuit.

Beginner’s Level: Perform 2 models of each exercise.
Intermediate Level: Perform 3 models of each exercise.
HIGHER LEVEL: Perform 4 models of each exercise.


1. Overhead Dumbbell Press – 15 repetitions
2. Reverse Dumbbell Fly – 15 repetitions
3. Upright Dumbbell Row – 15 repetitions

Overhead Dumbbell Press

Reverse Dumbbell Fly

Upright Dumbbell Row

Additional Circuit TRAINING for Beginners

CHEST MUSCLES Toning Workout

Whether you are completely new to fitness or you are jumping back to it after an extended break, this is actually the workout for you personally! This workout was created to get you back to fitness…gradually.

Equipment Needed: Yoga exercise mat or soft surface area, water

HOW TO PROCEED: Perform each exercise one following the other, just like a circuit. Perform 2 circuits, resting 30 seconds among. Watch all the video demonstrations before you begin!


1. Push-ups – 10 reps
2. Running set up – 30 seconds
3. Hip Extensions – 20 (10 each leg)
4. Oblique V-ups – 20 (10 each side)

Knee Push-ups

Hip Extension

Oblique V-up

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