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Amazing Buns and Guns Workout

Buns and Guns Workout

Buns and Guns Workout,Who says women can’t possess guns? And we realize we all need a nice group of buns, correct? While we’re able to create another workout for each of the areas of the body, we figured you will want to place two of the very most well-known areas to tone and reshape into one workout routine! This exercise routine features glute and arm exercises that may alternately target each region avoiding over-fatiguing one area so you can get a competent and effective workout in a single.

Buns and Guns Workout

Buns and Guns Workout

Equipment needed: One group of dumbbells (5 – 10 pounds), a chair or smooth bench, and an interval timer.

What to do because of this workout: Perform each workout for 15 mere seconds with little to zero rest between exercises. Complete the amount of circuits for your level of fitness. Review the video clips below for demonstrations of every exercise.

Beginner level: One circuit
Intermediate level: Two circuits
Higher level: Three circuits


1. Side Lunges (15 seconds each side)
2. Bicep Curls
3. Goblet Squat
4. Tricep Kickbacks (15 seconds each side)
5. Hip Extensions (15 seconds each side)
6. Hammer Curls
7. Chair Squats
8. Tricep Dips
9. Back Leg Lift (15 secs each side)

Side Lunges

Bicep Curls

Goblet Squat

Tricep Kickbacks

Hip Extensions

Hammer Curls

Chair Squats

Tricep Dips

Standing Back Leg Lift (keep to a seat if needed)


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