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Lower Body Workout

Amazing Hip-legs-Butt Workout

Amazing Hip-legs-Butt Workout,This workout was created to maximize weight loss while toning and defining leg and glute muscles. It is strongly recommended to execute the workout below 2 times weekly for ideal results.

Circuit weight training is a superb way to get rid of fat and build up muscle. Working out in this workout was created to get your center pumping while at exactly the same time toning and determining muscles. Weight training is a superb way to rev up your metabolism and keep it heading, even at rest.

Amazing Hip-legs-Butt Workout

Amazing Hip,legs,Butt Workout

Notice: This workout is created for the fitness center or home fitness space.

Equipment Needed: One group of Dumbbells of medium weight (optional barbell for squats); leg press machine; leg expansion machine; lower leg curl machine; smooth bench or step around 12″ to 16″, for step-ups.

How to proceed: All fitness levels perform 12 repetitions of every move; rest 15 mere seconds after every move; rest about a minute after every circuit. View video demonstrations below for right form.

Newbie Level: Complete one circuit
Intermediate Level: Complete 3 circuits
Advanced Workout: Complete four circuits


1. Squats (wide position squats with dumbbells or barbell)
2. Stiff Legged Deceased lifts
3. Dumbbell Lunges
4. Leg Press
5. Leg Extensions
6. Leg Curl
7. Step-ups
8. Calf Raises

To be able to gain the most reap the benefits of this or any other workout, it’s important to create aside 30-45 minutes for performing each regular. Also, monitor your progress and that means you will know if raises should be produced in weight, units or repetition.

Barbell Squats

Dumbell Squats

Stiff Legged Deadlifts

Dumbbell Lunges

Leg Press

Leg Extensions

Leg Curl


Calf Raises

Participants of the workout should consult with their doctors about their person needs prior to starting any workout program. This Internet site is not meant as an alternative for the medical advice and guidance of your individual physician. Any software of the or any other workout routine established in the program reaches the viewer’s discretion and single risk. See a medical doctor before you begin any workout program. That is especially important if your loved ones has a brief history of cardiovascular disease, high blood circulation pressure, raised chlesterol, diabetes, arthritis, weight problems, using tobacco, or other health issues.

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