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Upper Body Workout

3 week Upper body Amazing Back Challenge

Amazing Back Challenge

Resistance Bands Problem,Upper body Amazing Back Challenge,Level of resistance bands are an ultra-light, ultra-portable universal fitness center in a single small bundle! Last week’s workout was about tensing and toning your hip and legs and butt. This week’s problem will improve and firmness your upper body and back again. This workout is part 3 of our 4 Week Level of resistance Bands Challenge.

Upper body Amazing Back Challenge

Amazing Back Challenge

Equipment Needed: level of resistance band, period timer, pole or steady surface to cover the music group around

Equipment Recommended: Period Timer (Gymboss is a free of charge app download), Dark Mountain Resistance Music group Set

How to proceed: Here are instructional videos explaining the primary motions you’ll rely on in these exercises. Once you watch them, the actions will eventually circulation. Resistance bands give a different kind of burn off, so don’t allow light-weight fool you. If you wish to increase the level of resistance on certain workout routines, widen your position. To diminish the level of resistance without jumping down a complete music group, use one feet and middle it. Always flex somewhat at the legs and keep your primary tight. Additionally it is essential that you control your movement when moving down. Rather than letting gravity enable you to get down, perform a good, controlled motion, allowing full control of the music group. That may make all the difference! For best results, do that workout twice every week.

PLEASE BE AWARE: When you have purchased new level of resistance bands, some have to be broken in and are challenging initially. Focus on a lighter weight music group and build to a far more challenging one if needed.

Beginner’s Level: 1 round
Intermediate Level: 2 rounds
HIGHER LEVEL: 3 rounds


1. Level of resistance Push-up – 1 minute
2. Upper body Press – 1 minute
3. Incline Upper body Press -1 minute
4. Chest Travel – 1 minute
5. Sitting Row – 1 minute
6. Reverse Take flight – 1 minute
7. Bent Over Row – 1 minute

Resistance Pushups

Chest Press

Incline Upper body Press

Chest Fly

Seated Row

Reverse Fly

Bent Over Row

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